This week Erick and I talk about some cliche' things that we've never done. Things such as party in high school and have orgy's in college.  Continue Reading »

Let Me Find Out

This week we're joined by Paris and Alex of the upcoming "Livin Single" podcast. Things got interesting with our convo as we discussed how we would handle certain situations.  Continue Reading »

This week Erick and I discuss homophobia and how some people have labeled being free as an "Agenda".  Continue Reading »


This week's episode, we discuss pretending to be happy in certain aspects of our lives and why we do it.  Continue Reading »

Erick (Producer) and I have a chat about why we lie about "Working on ourselves".  Continue Reading »

In this week's episode, we have an all around talent in Jeremy as our guest and we discuss the best and worse of black tv shows.  Continue Reading »

The New Hip Hop

This week we have Chicago artist Lassai and we chat about the new culture of hip versus the original culture that had talent.  Continue Reading »

In this week's episode, we have two dope black business women, Atiya McDaniels and Jamie Morrison. We chat about being an entrepreneur and taking care of business.  Continue Reading »

A New Level

This week, our special guest is Peaches(thedoppestbloggeralive) and we get into how your behavior changes as you get older and grow.  Continue Reading »

This week its just Erick and I and we chat about the internet derived "Cancelled Culture" which was started by black twitter.  Continue Reading »

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