Body Count

This week we sit and chat with writer, director, and producer, Aaron J. Davis. We discuss marriage and relationships and learning from past mistakes.  

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21 Questions

It's episode 9 of season 2 and Erick (Show Producer) and I play our own version of 21 questions. 

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Everybody Is Trash

Episode 8 of season 2 features Chicago writer, actor, director, and musician, Jeremiah Davis. We get into the world of acting and what makes you stand out. 

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Single AF

In episode seven of season two, it's just me by myself questioning all of these "Dear Future Bae" posts I see on social media. 

Song- Sia Amun (Single AF)

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The special guest is Chicago artist and music producer Ro Marsalis. We discuss random things and advice that we should've taken from our parents. Please excuse me for the audio towards the end. I apologize!

Song- Ro Marsalis (Glo Up)

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In episode four of season two, special guest and r&b singer Audrey Valentine joins me as we discuss lusting after love and whether falling in love has become a spectacle. 

Song- Audrey Valentine (Are You Down)


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On this episode, we have the founders of "Unladylike", a Chicago Art and Entertainment business, joining us as we discuss the plight of black women and the silent dislike that we often have for one another. 

Song- Jayla Darden (Idea 686)


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In My Box

The special guest for this episode is the producer of the show, Erick. We chat about trash artist of 2018, the music industry, and acting brand new when you start to succeed. 


Song: Samaria (Shy Girl)


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You Lackin’

The season two opener features DUGG and Dominque, my ex-boyfriend and best-friend, as we discuss a lack of communication and what led to the ending of our relationship. This conversation took a left turn, however. 

Music: Mayilah (Leavin)



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VP Season 1 Finale

VP Season 1 Finale by MeMe Wallace

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