In this week's episode, we have two dope black business women, Atiya McDaniels and Jamie Morrison. We chat about being an entrepreneur and taking care of business.  Continue Reading »

A New Level

This week, our special guest is Peaches(thedoppestbloggeralive) and we get into how your behavior changes as you get older and grow.  Continue Reading »

This week its just Erick and I and we chat about the internet derived "Cancelled Culture" which was started by black twitter.  Continue Reading »

Role Play

In this week's episode, my good actor friend Randle stops by and we have way too much fun with our role reversal. Everything is from the perspective of the opposite sex. 

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This weeks episode features independent artist Abstrak and he was excited about my box lol. We're breaking down the lyrics to a few songs.  Continue Reading »

Debt Stoppers

This week we have financial guru, Maxwell Frempong with us and he's dropping major key alerts to repairing your credit and using your credit cards the right way. Also, we have Randall (Boomer) from the WhatupFam773 podcast.  Continue Reading »

Body Count

This week we sit and chat with writer, director, and producer, Aaron J. Davis. We discuss marriage and relationships and learning from past mistakes.  

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21 Questions

It's episode 9 of season 2 and Erick (Show Producer) and I play our own version of 21 questions. 

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Everybody Is Trash

Episode 8 of season 2 features Chicago writer, actor, director, and musician, Jeremiah Davis. We get into the world of acting and what makes you stand out. 

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Single AF

In episode seven of season two, it's just me by myself questioning all of these "Dear Future Bae" posts I see on social media. 

Song- Sia Amun (Single AF)

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